I got 99 problems but SameSite cookies ain't one

Browser vendors like Mozilla or Google have introduced new default values for the sameSite attribute when setting browser cookies [1]. While this change is great for preventing third-party tracking through cookies, it can make a developer's life quite frustrating when wanting to debug a local front end pointing to a remote server.

Especially, when Chrome and Firefox give confusing or no warnings at all. Here's an example of Chrome complaining:

In Firefox, there'll likely be a small warning in the console:

Some cookies are misusing the “SameSite“ attribute, so it won’t work as expected

The Problem

For me the problem was the following: I had a staging server running online. It contained sample data that I preferred using to test my front end over a local backend server.

There's a similar problem that developers run into with this type of setup: CORS. I usually encounter it either when:

That problem, I tend to prefer solving it by downloading a browser plugin that temporarily disabled CORS. The recent sameSite cookie attribute change, however, is different in that it's recent. I only found limited information about bypassing it online. There are no browser plugins yet either. Still, it can be easily fixed by modifying some settings in your browser.

Disabling sameSite policy in Google Chrome

  1. Navigate to chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies.
  2. Set "SameSite by default cookies", "Enable removing SameSite=None cookies", "Cookies without SameSite must be secure" to Disabled.
  3. Make sure to restart Chrome.

When trying your Set-Cookie request, the yellow overlay in the request inspection tab should now be gone and your cookies should show up in the "Application" tab.

Disabling sameSite policy in Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition

Go to about:config and make sure you have the following settings [2]:

network.cookie.sameSite.laxByDefault: false
network.cookie.sameSite.noneRequiresSecure: false


Issues with blocked SameSite cookies in local development environments can be fixed by temporarily disabling sameSite policies in Firefox and Chrome. To learn more about the sameSite cookie attribute, check sameSite cookies on MDN.


published 2020-12-03 by timdaub