Observations About Today's Crypto Bull Market

They say that a market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. And while by no means, I consider myself a crypto bull - the solvency of against-the-market bettors surely is uncertain right now.

Rationality has rage quit the game, and so here we are. But actually, I wanna keep this short and focused. I just want to journal the observations of these days' market sentiment for posterity.

The following are original observations of the cryptosphere in the today's "late-stage" bull market. They're original, as they significantly differ from the observations I made in, e.g., the last late-stage bull market in crypto in 2018. By no means is this list exhaustive:

And that's all. I hope you can appreciate this different type of blogging too.

published 2021-11-30 by timdaub