My deleted response to Pirate Wires' Nuclear Disasters

I wrote a long comment to a recent post of Mike Solana titled "Nuclear Disasters." To my surprise Mike deleted it promptly with the following message:

this wasn't framed as breaking news, fukushima was 12 years ago. i should probably delete your comment because you're not a subscriber and i'm already annoyed, but it's a perfect german take. 7 graphs into your 15 paragraph essay you admit this was the wrong decision, then explain in meticulous detail why renewables are inferior. you say you're tired of your country being critiqued for stupidly accepting dependence on russia, but provide no defense. how can one write so exhaustively and yet convey almost nothing? enjoy your cope. sadly, it won't warm your homes.

So here's my now-deleted response:

Disappointed by this article, Mike. I'm one of those German idiots that I guess is responsible for letting our government pass this move. But, honestly, reading your post and reading the replies to the BREAKING NEWS announcement that Germany is shutting down nuclear, my impression is that the midwit take today is: "Oh look how stupid Germany is, let them get rekt," accompanied with the famous Trump UN speech clip. In discussions on social media, I seemed to have been in the minority regarding a more nuanced take on German nuclear.

Here, and this is sadly not well understood by the English-speaking world, a dialogue that is post-safety has been ongoing for many years, and our arguments are more nuanced than what US social media picks up on. Honestly, at this point, I'm convinced that nuclear safety is a misguided strawman.

On a slight tangent, I find the American critique of Germany's appeasement of Russia through trade weird, as "Wandel durch Handel" is probably as much of an American idea. And sure, it was a failure, but so is the US's strategy of appeasing China through trade, right?

Anyways, few reasons that have nothing to do with spirituality, religion or stupidity, why Germany+Nuclear in 2023 is tricky:

I wish more people would understand this.

published by timdaub on 2023-04-18